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Radar Devil Ray Speed Skate Wheels
Radar Devil Ray Speed Skate Wheels
Item# DevilRay






Radar Devil Ray Speed Skate Wheels
Indoor Performance
  • Recommended use: Jam, Derby, Speed
  • Size: 62mm x 43mm
  • Hub: 3-spoke aluminum hub
  • Hardness: 91A
  • Color: Black

    The Radar Devil Ray features a 3-spoke slotted hub which is the lightest aluminum hub available. Serious skaters prefer aluminum hubs because they don’t flex, which allows the each finely tuned urethane “tire” compound to perform exactly as it was designed. The lip is slightly rounded for extra smooth pushes.

  • Black 91A - Sticky Tile floors or smooth concrete
  • Purple 93A - Tite Uncoated indoor or tile floors
  • Pink 94A - Quick Dirty indoor wood floors
  • Orange 95A - Firm Indoor wood floors

  • Speed Groove Technology

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